thank you for donating hair for me to glue onto the bald spot of my head where the cancerous growth once suckled nutrition from

thank you witch coven livivng inside my head, for your tenderness and care... the tiny chorus of cackles i hear over and over again at night

tleaving my eyes bloodshot red in the morning, as i stumble for coordination and search for my glasses amongst the trash that lays beside me

thank you turtle nest that has nested in my fireplace....the fire releases an eczematic burn....

i am THAnkful for cordurouy pants and lemon dishwashing rliquid

without these inanimate objects i'd probably have given up A Long time ago! my life is so different now...because for the first time in my life i now have.........................hope 8'-(

before i found these i was so..empty.and i had.... Nothing.8'-(

and felt like noone cared about me.. i was happy to r ot .......alone

i i now feel like i ahve a future...

corduroy pants are the best kind of pants and lemon is the only flavour of dishwashing r.liquid to exist!



May it be an evening star

shines down upon you

May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
Believe and you will find your way A promise lives within you now 15802556_1652255651735792_1972929584315760640_n

.. :'(